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12 Pubs of Christmas

Image a santa on the head of a pint of beer

The "12 Pubs of Christmas" is a popular pub-crawl game that is traditionally played during the holiday season. The objective is to visit 12 different pubs, each with its own unique theme or challenge. Here's a modified version of the game that starts at Thunder Road Cafe and takes you through Temple Bar in Dublin, Ireland, known for its vibrant nightlife: Rules and Guidelines:

1. Thunder Road Cafe (12 Pubs of Christmas Starting Point):

Gather your friends and kick off the pub crawl at Thunder Road Cafe in Temple Bar. Enjoy a drink and take a group photo to mark the beginning of your journey. We recommend to grab a quick bite to eat before heading off on your voyage through Temple Bar. This is the only place in temple Bar serving Conor McGregor’s Forged Irish Stout so we recommend trying that while you can.

2. The Palace Bar:

Take a right turn out of Thunderroad and walk 2 minutes down the road to the famous Palace bar. Known for one of the best pints of Guinness in the country.

3. Buskers on the Ball:

Turn right out of The Palace and walk less than one minute and you’ll find Buskers. This is a perfect place to regroup and play a game of pool.

4. Oliver St. John Gogarty's:

Take a right turn out of Buskers and a very short stroll will bring you to Oliver St. John Gogarty’s where you can join a live music session and try your best to sing along with the musicians. Order a classic Irish whiskey here.

5. The Auld Dubliner:

Right next door to Gogarty’s you’ll find The Auld Dubliner. Here, take part in an Irish dancing challenge. This place is always full with a great atmosphere.

6. The Quays Bar:

Next stop is only a short walk east, down the road to the Quay’s bar. It's a lively spot with traditional Irish music and a great dance floor where you can mix with the locals.

7. The Ha’Penny Bridge Inn:

Just around the corner you will find the Ha’Penny Bridge Inn, an iconic pub in Dublin directly opposite the Ha’Penny Bridge. Full of locals its always great for a chat.

8. The Temple Bar Pub:

It wouldn’t be a pub crawl in Temple Bar without visiting the iconic Temple Bar Pub. Get a photo outside as evidence to show the whole group has managed to stay together until this point.

Whiskey, craft beer and live entertainment. What more can you ask for from pub number 9.

10. Bad Bobs:

At Bad Bobs, order a traditional Irish beer or whiskey. Bonus points for anyone who’s single in the group to get a phone number ;)

Famous for their craft beers brewed in their own Brewery, this is one not to miss. With a great place to perch outside you can keep an eye out for any stragglers you may have lost along the way before hitting pub 12.

12. Lundy foot’s:

Just a minute further, crossing Parliament street you’ll find Lundy foot’s, a very late night bar that’s used to hosting a crowd who’ve enjoyed a few beers along the way. This is a fantastic place to end the night. Finish the crawl with a heartfelt toast to a memorable night.

Remember to drink responsibly, stay hydrated, and ensure everyone in your group has a safe way to get home. Enjoy the 12 Pubs of Christmas game responsibly and have a fantastic time exploring the vibrant Temple Bar district in Dublin!

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