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The latest burger trends are taking Dublin by Storm - and we are here for it!

Artisanal burgers have taken Dublin by storm, offering a unique blend of handcrafted flavours. Local chefs are putting their heart and soul into crafting these culinary delights, elevating the humble burger to a gourmet experience. Picture juicy patties made from locally sourced meats, paired with homemade sauces that dance on your palate.

Welcome to Thunder Road Café, where the art of crafting the perfect burger meets the vibrant spirit of Dublin's food scene. Join us on a gastronomic journey as we explore what makes Thunder Road Café the undisputed champion of the best burgers in Dublin.


Beyond Beef: Plant-Based Bliss

Vegetarian or not, we are embracing the era of plant-based burgers. Indulge in the goodness of meat alternatives that not only mimic the taste but also contribute to a sustainable dining experience. It's a revolution where even devoted carnivores are becoming fans of veggie patties – many of our regular customers were unable to tell the difference in a blind test.


The Gourmet Toppings Craze

Move over traditional toppings; Dublin's burger enthusiasts are exploring a world of gourmet toppings. Crispy halloumi, caramelised onions, and crispy jalapeños are just a glimpse of the extravagant toppings that adorn these burgers.


Brioche Buns: A Soft Embrace

The secret behind Dublin's burger perfection lies in the choice of brioche buns. Soft, slightly sweet, and with the right amount of fluffiness, these buns cradle the succulent fillings, creating a perfect harmony of textures. For some of our more artisan burgers, we discovered the seeded bourbon bun that adds a rich smokiness to the flavour of all of our burgers.


Instagram-Worthy Burger Joints

We recently noticed an increase in influencers attending our café, due to our Instagram-worthy burgers such as the ‘F#@k yo9u burger’ and our ‘Brisket Burger’. Your social media feed is about to get a serious upgrade.


Spice it Up: Dublin's Bold Flavours

Are you ready for a taste explosion? Our professional burger creators are infusing bold and unexpected spices into their creations, ensuring every bite is a delight.


Cheese, Please!

Cheese lovers rejoice – Dublin's burger trends include an ode to cheese. We have the best applewood smoked gouda, stringy mozzarella, and mature Irish cheddar, making each burger a celebration of dairy goodness.


Local Legends: Dublin's Unique Twists

Every city has its culinary legends, and Dublin is no exception. Discover local legends – burgers that carry a piece of Dublin's love and appreciation for the American burger staple.


Sustainability in Every Bite

In a world that values sustainability, Thunder Road Café is stepping up. Experience sustainability in every bite with eco-friendly packaging, locally sourced ingredients, and a commitment to reducing the carbon footprint – which means you can enjoy your burger guilt free.


Burger and Beer Pairing Extravaganza

Wrap up your Dublin burger experience with a burger and 3 litre beer tower pairing extravaganza. Just choose any of our draught beers to go with your gourmet burger.


Embark on a culinary adventure with Thunder Road Café, where each bite tells a story of Dublin's rich flavours and the passion behind crafting the best burgers in the city.

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