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Eat, Drink & Party? We’ve got you covered at Thunder Road Café

Thunder Road Café

Whether you're looking for a place to celebrate special occasions with your friends, enjoy a mouthwatering meal with your family, or have a night out with colleagues, Thunder Road Café has got you covered.

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Group Bookings

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Planning a special event or a gathering with a large group of friends or family? Thunder Road Café welcomes group bookings, ensuring a fantastic time for everyone.


Our spacious and vibrant venue can accommodate groups of various sizes, and we offer tailored menus to suit your event needs, creating memories that will be cherished by all.

Weekly Events

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Make your week more enjoyable with Thunder Road Café's Weekly Events! Join us on our Sunday Sessions for a relaxing day filled with live music, good food, and great company.


You can also spice up your Tuesdays with our Mexican Tuesdays! Enjoy a fiesta of flavours with authentic Mexican dishes, vibrant decorations, and themed entertainment.

  • Where can I find one of the best restaurants in Dublin?
    Thunder Road Café is found in Temple Bar in the heart of Dublin City Centre.
  • What food and drink are available with group bookings?
    We offer a wide range of Dublin’s best burgers, steaks, fried chicken and cocktails.
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