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Gift Cards, Good Times, Great Tastes: Thunderroad Café

Looking to turn ordinary moments into extraordinary memories? Look no further! Thunderroad Café, brings you the perfect recipe for unforgettable celebrations with our exclusive gift cards.

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Manage your Gift Card


There’s no need to register your card to use it, but registering will keep it safe and means that your balance is protected in case it goes missing.


Know how much you can treat your mates, or yourself, before the bill arrives by checking your balance here. Don’t forget – the next round’s on them.


Running low? Throw a few extra quid on your gift card and spoil yourself to a great night out or treat that someone special to an incredible getaway.

Didn't receive your gift card?

Sometimes, e-gift cards or receipt emails may end up in your spam or promotions folder due to email provider filters. Before reaching out to our support team, kindly verify whether your e-gift card or receipt is possibly located in these folders. On rare occasions, your email firewall might have blocked the delivery of your e-Gift Card or receipt. Should this be the case, please send an email to with your order details (recipient name, recipient email address, voucher value), and we will arrange for a reissue.

With Thunderroad Café's Gift Cards, you'll be gifting:

👉 Unforgettable dining experiences
👉 Sizzling burgers and mouthwatering wings
👉 Electric atmosphere and live music
👉 A whole lot of fun!

🎈 Birthdays, anniversaries, or just because – there's no better way to celebrate! 

🎁 Gift the Thunder, Share the Flavor! 

Gift Card (2).png
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