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Chicken Dublin

For some of the best fried chicken in Dublin, visit Thunder Road Café today


Chicken Dublin

For all the chicken enthusiasts out there, Thunder Road Café is your go-to destination for a cluckin' good time!


Our diverse and delectable chicken menu offers a variety of mouthwatering dishes that will have you coming back for more. From finger-licking classics to innovative creations, we've got something to satisfy every chicken craving.

Our Chicken


For one of the best restaurants for chicken in Dublin, visit Thunder Road Café today

Best Chicken in Dublin

At Thunder Road Café, we're passionate about chicken, and our skilled chefs bring out the best in every dish. Whether you prefer it crispy, saucy, or spiced just right, our chicken creations will leave you clucking with delight.

  • Where can I find one of the best restaurants in Dublin?
    Thunder Road Café is found in Temple Bar in the heart of Dublin City Centre.
  • What food and drink are available with group bookings?
    We offer a wide range of Dublin’s best burgers, steaks, fried chicken and cocktails.
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