Indoor Dining
Covid-19 Regulations

Dear Patrons,

We have indoor dining again. After such a long time you can finally eat and drink inside the restaurant. However, we have to follow the government's guidelines.

To access indoor service, you must show proof that you are fully vaccinated or have recovered from COVID-19 in the past 6 months. Children under 18 who are dining with you do not need proof of vaccination or recovery. You may be asked for proof that your child is under 18.

You are fully vaccinated when you get a vaccine approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and it is:


  • 15 days after the second AstraZeneca dose or second Covishield dose

  • 7 days after the second Pfizer-BioNtech dose

  • 14 days after the second Moderna dose

  • 14 days after the single Janssen dose

Proof of immunity and identification
You can use your
EU COVID Digital Certificate (DCC) or your HSE vaccination record as proof. You need to have photo identification to show that the proof of vaccination or recovery belongs to you.

There are 4 types of Digital COVID Certificate (DCC):


  • Certificate based on vaccination: You can get this certificate if you have been vaccinated against COVID-19.

  • Certificate based on recovery: A certificate of recovery will be available from 11 days after a positive test, and will be valid for no more than 180 days after you test positive.

  • Certificate based on negative RT-PCR test: Certificates based on a RT-PCR are valid for 72 hours after the test was taken.

  • Certificate based on negative antigen test: Certificates based on negative antigen tests are valid for 48 hours after the test was taken.

You can use the following as identification:

  • Driving licence

  • Passport

  • Student card

  • Garda age card

  • Irish Residence Permit (IRP)

  • National identity card

  • Any other official document that includes your photo and was issued outside of Ireland

If you do not have a DCC or HSE vaccination record (because you are visiting Ireland from another country for example), you can use an official vaccination record issued by the country where you were vaccinated or tested for COVID-19.

Please keep in mind that one member of your group will have to provide their name and phone number for contact-tracing purposes (if it is accurately given in the booking that is enough). All customers are required to wear masks when they leave their table and when moving about.

If you fail to provide the above information and identification for each member of your group upon your arrival, you are not allowed to be seated indoors. For more information about reservations and outdoor dining, please check our main page.


We will try our best to make it the safest and nicest experience for you!

Thank you for understanding and we are grateful that you choose to dine with us in these unprecedented times. 


With love,

Team Thunder Road

Last updated: 11 August 2021