Thunder Road Café - 20 years in business in Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland. The Original Theme Restaurant in Temple Bar!
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Thunder Road Café boasts award winning cocktail bar men as well our partnership with the sublime Finlandia Vodka meaning that your pleasure is paramount to us. Check out the drinks menu to see what we have in store for you. If you can't find your poisin on the list then just ask in our restaurant and we bet we'll have it!

Becks N/A
Bud Light
Bulmers Light
Coors Light
Corona (Buckets available 6 for 5!)

Stella Artois
Tiger (500ml)
Grolsch (500ml)
Erdinger Hefe (500ml)
Budvar (500ml)
Smirnoff Ice
Smirnoff Black Ice
Kopperberg Cider Apple / Pear (500ml)
WKD Blue
Archer's Aqua
Bacardi Breezer
Draught Beers
Amstel Beer
Coors Light

Red Wine
Tolten Cabarnet Sauvignon €21.50
Chile. Bright ruby colour with an intense aroma of
juicy red and black fruits. Delicious ripe cherries,
juicy blackberries and plum jam flavours on taste
with an attractive hint of spice

Hopland Ranches Merlot €21.50
California. Flavours of plums and cherries with hints
of coffee and light herbal mint, finishing off with
vanilla and oak spice

Bradgate Cab. Sauv. Merlot €27.50
S. Africa. From the Stellenbosch Estate, this has ripe
blackberry flavours with rich plum overtones

Bolla Sangiovese D.O.C. €23.50
Italy. Bright ruby red in colour with a youthful aroma
of strawberries. On taste, full, attractive flavour of
ripe cherries with a refreshing, fruity style

Devil’s Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon €25.50
California. This soft red had lovely touches of
eucalyptus, smooth fruits, plums and black cherries
with a hint of spice and a velvety finish

Paulita Cabarnet Merlot €24.50
Chile. Full of vibrant juicy fruits such as red berries
and blackcurrants. This is a soft easy drinking red
with a delicious warming mouthfeel

Château La Brie €26.00
Bergerac. A meaty red with a rustic gamey nose and
hints of strawberry and plums. Lightly oaked, soft
and approachable

Durbanville Hills Pinotage €27.50
S. Africa. Attractive purply ruby with a soft warm
aroma of ripe juicy plums and rich spicy fruit. Soft
ripe fruit on taste, warm sweet plums with a
complexity of vanilla spicy ripe fruit

Terrazas Alto Malbec €28.00
Argentina. Deep bright purply ruby with a ripe
cassis, rich plums and forest fruit aroma Juicy big
taste of ripe fruit with overtones of dark chocolate
with layers of warm plum jam

Penfold’s Priv. Release Shiraz Cab. €28.50
Australia. Dark Red with aromas of fresh, red berries
supported by spicy oak. Generous sweet flavours on
taste of raspberry, spice, green olive and truffle
balanced by creamy coconut oak and soft lingering

1/4 Carmen Merlot €5.15
1/4 Carmen Cabernet Sauvignon €5.15

White Wine
Tolten Sauvignon Blanc €21.50
Chile. Clear pale straw colour with intense ripe citrus
fruit aromas with a touch of mineral and floral
complexity. Fresh citrus juicy fruit taste with layers of
gooseberries and green peppers.

Hopland Ranches Chardonnay €21.50
California. This scrumptious Chardonnay has an
inviting mix of rich tropical flavours of pineapple
and melon with hints of vanilla and honey apricot

Bradgate Chenin Blanc Sauv. Blanc €27.50
S. Africa. From the Stellenbosch Estate, this is crisp
and elegant with tropical pear flavours
complimented by a ripe green fig intensity

Bolla Pinot Grigio €23.50
Italy. Dry full flavour of summer fruit, especially
peaches and an almond complexity

Devil’s Ridge Chardonnay €25.50
California. Modern and rich in style, this is very
attractive with a lightly perfumed and soft fruit
undercut and a tingling freshness

Paulita Sauvignon Blanc €24.50
Chile. This superb Sauvignon Blanc is packed full of
clean fruit flavours with a slight touch of spice on
the nose and palate

Château La Brie €26.00
Bergerac. An excellent and well made Sauvignon,
with lovely elegant fruit, a superb nose and
perfumed finish

Durbanville Hills Sauv. Blanc €27.50
S. Africa. Pale silver yellow with a crisp aroma of
juicy grapefruits and ripe tangy citrus fruit. A
refreshing juicy taste with a sweet and sour
complexity of grapefruit and bitter sweet citrus

Tarrazas Alto Chardonnay €28.00
Argentina. Fullish pale golden yellow with a rich,
buttery vanilla, tropical fruit aroma. Ripe round
honied buttery tropical fruit taste with overtones of
ripe citrus fruit

Penfold’s Private Release Chard. €28.50
Australia. Pale straw with ripe aromas of rock
melons and fresh yellow peaches. Creamy succulent
juicy fruit taste of tropical pineapples, ripe pears and
a velvet vanilla complexity.

Fetzer Valley Oaks Syrah Rosé €24.50
Australia. Deep youthful purply ruby with a rich juicy
plum aroma with layers of sweetbut young fruit.
Very youthful taste of good juicy strawberrieswith a
spicy edge.

1/4 Carmen Chardonnay €5.15
1/4 Carmen Sauvignon Blanc €5.15
1/4 Carmen Rosé €5.15

Moet & Chandon € 69.95
Dom Perignon € 139.95
Sparkling Wine € 39.95

Fetzer Valley Oaks Syrah Rosé (California) € 22.50
Quarter Bottle Wine
Carmen Merlot € 5.10
Carmen Cabernet Sauvignon € 5.10
Carmen Chardonnay € 5.10
Carmen Sauvignon Blanc € 5.10
Fat Frog € 7.75
Finlandia Vodka, Southern Comfort, Blue Curacao, Bols Kiwi with Apple Juice
Woo Woo € 8.25
Finlandia Vodka, Archer's peach Schnapps, Cranberry Juice
Baileys Blizzard
€ 8.25
Baileys Irish Liquor blended with Ice Cream
Tequila Sunrise € 7.75
Jose Cuervo Tequila shaken with Orange Juice
and topped with Grenadine
Horny Angel €8.25
Finlandia Vodka, Bacardi, Blue Curacao and Jose Cuervo Tequila, Sour mix shaken and topped with 7UP
Sloe Comfortable Screw Against a Wall € 7.75
Finlandia Vodka, Southern Comfort, Sloe Gin and Galliano with Orange Juice
Strawberry Dawn € 8.25
A blend of Gordon's Gin and Malibu, with Strawberries and a little Ice Cream, topped with fresh cream
Joodle Bug € 7.75
Finlandia Vodka, Southern Comfort, Midori and Malibu, shaken with Pineapple Juice and topped with a little Cranberry Juice
Mai Tai € 8.25
A refreshing mixture of Bacardi and Captain Morgan's Rum, Triple Sec, shaken with Pineapple Juice and topped with Amaretto
West Indies Yellowbird € 7.75
Morgan's Spiced Rum, Créme De Banana and Galliano shaken with Pineapple and Orange Juices

Gin Passion
Bombay Sapphire Gin shaken with a hint of Passion Fruit Liqueur

Pink Revolution
Baileys, Kahlua, muddled strawberries and Vanilla Ice Cream

Cheeky Monkey
Orange Vod